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MBS' All-Terrain Skateboard Wheels open up a new world for boarders, the one just off the beaten asphalt path. Their super high rebound 100mm X 65mm treaded skateboard wheels make them the perfect addition to any boarder’s quiver. Whether you're a seasoned boarder looking for a new challenge, a beginner looking for wheels that will roll over anything, or a campus cruiser who just doesn’t feel like walking when the pavement ends and the grass begins, the Atom All-Terrain Skateboard Wheels will get you where you want to go and turn a few heads along the way.

MBS All-Terrain Skateboard Wheels (4 Wheels)

Materiel/ Colour
  • Note: Make sure you are aware of the size of these wheels and the amount of clearance or lack of clearance you might have before you attempt to mount on your board. You might need to add risers or cut some clearance on your deck.

  • We are 100% Australian Owend and Run out of Beutiful Sydney Australia, We handel all warranty and support localy and as swift as we can manage to ensure your up and riding your board and not down in the dumps, As AN Australian bussiness we hope to meet and exectided our obligations under ACCC Law and if you wish to inquire futher into our warranty policy pleaase check out our policy HERE

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